Bağdat Avenue (Turkish: Bağdat Caddesi, literally Baghdad Avenue) is a notable high street located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Turkey. Bağdat Caddesi is a popular street in Kadıköy on the Asian side. It was called Bağdat Caddesi (street) because it was used by the Roman and Ottoman armies for the eastern campaigns. In time the street became a settlement and a modern street today with cafes, sops, restaurants etc.

It is a main street in an upper-scale residential area. The one-way avenue with old plane trees is flanked with shopping malls, department stores, fashion garment stores, elegant shops offering world famous brands, restaurants of international and local cuisine, pubs and cafés, luxury car dealers and bank agencies. Bağdat Avenue can also be considered as a large open-air shopping mall. Most of the retail stores are open on all days of the week, including Sunday afternoon.

In summer time and on weekends, the sidewalks of the avenue are crowded with people window-shopping and youngsters lingering around. Traffic congestion is almost a standard situation on the three-lane Bağdat Avenue.

Bağdat Avenue can be considered as the celebration center of the Asian side. Just as Taksim is where people gather for huge national events on the European side, people on the Asian side gather on Bağdat Avenue to celebrate events such as a sport victory or a national holiday.

Another grand celebration takes place on Bağdat Avenue whenever the home football team Fenerbahçe SK wins the championship title in the Turkish Super League. Fenerbahçe fans gather in the avenue and celebrate carnival on it, while singing, dancing, driving and sounding their car horns all night.